This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The UI is planned to be simplistic - like the Alinks module for example

This module builds onto the BeautyTips module.

- now the code below is just a placeholder draft. If someone should need such a module - please contact me clicking on "rsvelko" above and say so.

- second option will be to use this issue into the Beautytip's module queue:

- Currently I consider this module unneeded. Reason? Cause most of the time one would need to implement a bit of jquery via the Beautytips API and live happily. )


- define your own styles (via the whole jquery beautytips API - see README.txt of the BeautyTips module. )/ use the present beautytips styles
- have multiple styles together on the site/page
- multiple beautytips instances each triggering on different places, using its style, and dynamically getting its text from other place
- edit link on the tip itself for users with "administer beautytips" permission

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