Be sure


The module is designed to help developers and webmaster to be sure about their Drupal sites.

The module provides three differents dashboards, where an administrator can check status about SEO, performance or security parts of a site.

Be Sure



Performance part checking common cache settings (front-end and back-end).
Checking status of "good for performance" modules, such as "Views Litepager" and other.
Also, it checking settings for css/js optimization and some PHP settings.


Check common security issues, such as common superadmin username and availability of some "good for security" modules.

File status

If you using Git, you will find this very helpful.


Checking a lot of things for SEO, just try it yourself ;)


There is not, just install and use it!
Do not forget to enable submodules (each submodule for each dashboard) for SEO, Security and etc.


Every third-party module can add own information into existing dashboards, or create own.

Please, see examples in be_sure.api.php or in existing submodules.

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