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Mini Panel build mode

D7 Port

This functionality will be available in Display Suite. So D7 Port will only provide new Content Types, Relations, Layouts and Styles.


You must use panels +3.8
Not compatible with Display Suite

URGENT TASK: Make this module work with older panel installations

What does this module:

  • Using Mini Panels as Templates / Build Modes
  • Adding a Mini Panel Row Style for override display in view ( for example Top News )
  • Adding some missing components for panels ( for example New Layouts,Styles and Content Types

Adding some specials for panels

  • Use mini panels as build modes
  • Set default build mode on node id
  • Override default teaser and page view
  • Set default build mode content type base
  • add some standard panel configurations
  • add node edit default configuration
  • Add new relations ships
    • Add Feed Source relationship
  • add some styles and layouts for panels
    • Accordion region style
    • Slideshow region style
    • 2 Column Layout left
    • 2 Column Layout right
    • 3 Column Blogstyle Layout
    • 3 Column Layout
    • Quicktabs Integration
    • Clean Layout ( remove all panel html output )
  • Rules integration, select build mode per rules
  • Better View Integration
    • Add Mini Panel Display for override Display per row
    • Expose Settings to panel pane
  • Compatible with Panel Teaser
  • Do not override Panel Node Templates

Thanks for liquid css layouts:

Thanks for support slide show style:


This module aim for a better integration of ="_blank">panels in a drupal project.

Everybody who likes panels , please contribute code for this project


This project is sponsored by b-connect GmbH .

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