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Note: As of 2009/07/28, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in a module with similar functionalities, check Pathologic.

The module corrects links to internal paths, adding a / (or the base_path) in href, or src where necessary. For instance, <img src="files/image.jpg"> becomes <img src="/files/image.jpg">.

During the development of 4.7, the way in which url paths were figured changed. Now, if you have a link that goes to, say, <a href="node">, the browser will improperly expand the link when using clean urls. So, for instance, you are at taxonomy/term/13, and click on that link, it will try to go to taxonomy/term/13/node.

When you update a site from 4.6, existing node bodies will be automagically fixed with the proper base_path, so that such a link will now read something like <a href="/node">. However, this won't affect custom node types such as flexinodes, for instance, nor will it affect future improperly-written links that users may put into a site.

This filter attempts to take care of it. It filters for both href & src (as in <img src="image.jpg">).

To install, copy the folder into the modules directory, activate the module (in admin/modules), and activate the filter in whatever input formats you wish (at admin/filters).

Known issues:
It won't touch url's written with single quotes, such as <img src='image.jpg'>

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