This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Invaded by spammers? The Ban and Unpublish module makes it easier to clean up after registered spammers and other problem users by implementing a bulk operation. It finds and unpublishes their damage globally.

This module adds a single drop-down option to the user account list page that performs the following in a single pass:

  • Ban the user's email address.
  • Ban the username.
  • Block the account.
  • Kick the user off the server, if active.
  • Unpublish any and all nodes that were published by the user.
  • Unpublish any and all comments that were published by the user

Informative messages are posted in the Drupal watchdog.

Since it is a bulk operation, it can be invoked on a set of users at once.

The operation is available as an option to Views Bulk Operations if the displayed items are users, providing another way to implement administrative tools.

Spammers tend to be repeat offenders if they discover that a site lets them remain active. Swiftly blocking spam accounts is an important step in deterring future spam attacks on your system.

D7 version:

In addition to the bulk operation, the module implements a single-user cleanup operation through an administrative link that is added to comments.

Banning and unpublishing is nondestructive, as the users, content, and comments all remain in the system. However, it is not possible to distinguish between items unpublished through this module and items unpublished through any other mechanism.

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