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This module allows slave sites to programatically create user on master site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bakery Nougat is compatible with Bakery 7.x-2.0-alpha3 and 6.x-2.0-alpha3 (and prior releases) until issue #2292055: bakery_mix() function no longer part of Bakery, causes errors is resolved resolution is published in a new release of Bakery Nougat.

Bakery sets a submit function for user_register form, so when a new user is created bakery redirects user to master site, where bakery receive the petition and user is created in master site. But this only works for users created by the user register form. If a user is created programatically user is not created in master site.

This module solves this issue ussing Bakery mechanism: a POST request to master site encrypted with Bakery key and a JSON response using same key. I've named Nougat to this 'cookie', so module take its name from it.

Currently Bakery seems like is going to be refactorized (#1232914: Bakery 3.x and pluggable account management) and is no time for new features, so this functionality is written as a separate module.

Bakery Nougat has been proposed to be mergues with Bakery (#1709682: Make tunic maintainer of bakery - move Nougat into Bakery core) but probably you won't see that until Bakery 3.x branch.

Don't forget to apply the patch from #1546034: Registering for an account on a slave site does not work at all to Bakery SSO module if you are using a D7 site as Bakery master! Trust dev version until a new Bakery 7.x branch release is published.

There are two ways of use this functionality. There's an action for Rules included in the 7.x branch that registers a user in the master site and then registers it in local slave.

Or you use bakery_nougat_register_user_master function that registers a user in master site:

  • $account: Account object (from a existing local user or created manually, but it must have at least name and mail properties).
  • $pass: Password to assign to remote new user (optional).
  • $guess_username: if given name for username is taken try to guess an available username adding a underscore and a number (example: from username john to john_3). Optional, use TRUE to activate.

This module is mainly tested with 7.x branch as slave and 6.x branch as master, configuration that is currently in a live site. Other configurations are not so tested.

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