The Local Baha'i Community Website Incubator is an installation profile incorporating many features that might commonly be used on a website for a local Baha'i community or a group of communities.

  • Multi-user site: Give each member of the community his or her own account on the Incubator site. A role-based permission system will allow you to decide who can post which kinds of content. The entire community can contribute to the website!
  • WYSIWYG editing: Your writers and editors won't have to be fluent in html, css, or other web technologies in order to post basic pages; instead, they can write their stories directly on the site in a WYSIWYG editor that is like a simple word processor. The editor will allow users the flexibility to format individual stories as they see fit, while maintaining a consistent style throughout the site.
  • News and blogs: Designate some writers in the community as "reporters" and they can publish local news. Other users given the role of "bloggers" may write personal stories about community life. In the future, you can even submit your site's stories for inclusion in local news sources, like Google news.
  • Events: Let your community members post their own events on the website. Once posted, the events will appear not only on the calendar but also in other areas of the site designed to maximize their visibility to the public.
  • Geographic information: All content on your website can be easily related to a geographic location. For a single community, all content will be associated with that one city for local searches. A cluster or metropolitan communities may have several localities or neighborhoods by which content may be organized. Bahá'í centers may be added, and all events in such a center will automatically appear on its calendar. Optionally, a map of the area can be generated to show all Bahá'í communities and events.
  • Search friendly: Human-readable URLs and automatic 301 redirects help search engines to find your content, and carefully chosen ways of categorizing that content help people to find it.

Tentative Roadmap

Milestone 1 : Administration and basic functionality

Milestone 2 : Appearance and community interaction

Milestone 3 : Further community interaction

Milestone 4 : Tweaks

  • Performance
  • Image Cropping
  • Google News publishing


The 6.x branch is being abandoned in favor of 7.x-1.x. All new installs should use that version. The 6.x branch was an early testing project without any traction; the upgrade path involves a lot of copy/pasting.

Technical details

We have decided not to use the Features module for bundling our functionality, but instead to hand-code everything in the API functions provided by core Drupal and a few necessary contributed modules. We are still using Location module for geodata storage, but we have switched to Openlayers for mapping. CKEditor, Wysiwyg and Media provide wysiwyg editing with image and video support. Calendar module is being replaced with the Fullcalendar module.

Project information