Quick overview
After prunning

This module provides a way to maintain the size of your backups under control.


Backing up with Backup and Migrate is great, but it can build up a huge amount of data rapidly.

Backup and Migrate Prune aims to solve this problem. The approach taken is simple.

  1. For backups made today: Keep all backups.
  2. For backups made this week: Keep one backup per day.
  3. For backups made this month: Keep one backup per week.
  4. For backups made this year: Keep one backup per month.
  5. For older backups: Keep one backup per year.

The module is configurable to allow some customizations to this. For instance you can stop pruning at level 4 and leave a backup per month for older years.

The way it works is simple. You simply add a gardener in http://www.example.com/admin/config/system/backup_migrate/prune and assign it to a destination with a set of instructions. During cron the gardener will prune your destination according to your settings. Each gardener is attached to a destination and can be configured separately.

This module is inspired in the post of Chris in http://tiger-fish.com


This module depends on Backup and Migrate. It actually uses its API to list and delete files for each destination, so you can prune your backups in all the destinations this module (and other extending modules) supports.


This module actually deletes your backups. This is the main feature of this module.

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