This Background Video module allows to play video in the background of the page. To play video background in the background what you have to do is just specify
the name of the class to which you want to add the background video. There are some other specification like Loop the video, where to place the controls
like play/pause and mute/unmute, Autoplay video when the page loads etc.

This module requires Libraries API along with JQUERY Video Background. Download and place the library in /sites/all/libraries directory.

Similar modules:

Video background

Difference between modules :

1. Video Background module the similar functionality and it uses the HTML 5 tag to append video. But Background Video module uses the Jquery Library to integrate video.

2. Video Background module just add the video to the whole background of the page. But Background Video module provides the ability to add video to any specific id/class on the page. Its configurable. Note: But there would be some theming efforts required in case of overflow of video.

3. Video Background module doesn't provide the controls like Play/Pause and Mute/Unmute. But Background Video module provides the Controls and also you can control the visibility of controls to a specific id/class. Its configurable.

4. You can also play video in LOOP. Its configurable.

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