This module is a fork of the Windows Azure Integration* module which looks to have been abandoned for more than a year.

The Windows Azure Blob module allows for the uploading and storing of files on the Windows Azure storage service. Module currently only supports the blob content stream through HTTPs and content is still served through the local server instead of the remote server so actual file addresses are hidden because the default container type created is Private. I will try to implement the shared access key option to avoid this issue when I have the time.

* The code was ported to use the new Windows Azure SDK for PHP but the functions have not been extensively tested and drush file migration is completely not tested. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help with the testing and to report all the issues faced. Automated testing scripts are welcome too!

The Windows Azure SDK for PHP apparently requires allow_url_fopen to be set as On so unless the core libraries change, this configuration must be enabled in order to use the module.

The PATH environment variable for PHP must also be set in order to download the required libraries during first install. Alternatively, download the libraries using PHP locally before enabling the module.

How to Use

  1. Go to Configuration > Media > Windows Azure Blob to add a custom blob stream
  2. (Optional) Change the default download method at Configuration > Media > File system
  3. (Optional) Change the upload destination for Content Types that have upload fields at Structure > Content types > manage fields

Project Information