This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Automatically convert certain classed links to modal popups and provides an API to add custom modals quickly and easily.

With this tool, you can cause links to automatically open in modal dialogs. The module's code simply examines all links in a document and turns any link with the designated CSS selectors (by default, the class automodal), and turns those links into modal links.

For example, by default it looks for links like this:

<a href="" class="automodal">Click me!</a>

The link above has the class automodal, and so the automodal module will cause this link to open in a modal dialog.

Note: The purpose of this tool is to open other pages on the Drupal site to open in modals, not to redirect off site.

One of the important features of this module -- and something that distinguishes it from other modal modules, is that this one works fine with Drupal FAPI forms.


With automodal you can create your own usages of modals with custom settings using automodal_add() and the several hooks that allow you to plug into the features of Modal Frame.

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This module depends on ModalFrame, which in turn depends on jQuery UI.


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