This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Autologin enables a smooth login method by means of using account credentials in the URL. Simply enable the module and go to login/<username>/<password> and you will be logged in. If Login Destination is installed, Autologin will use its settings. While this module is not recommended for your everyday site, it comes much in handy for sites with (preferrably) limited user accounts, where ease of participation is of high concern.

Note: Autologin is discontinued in favour of HTTP authentication (and Secure Site for 6.x).

Note from the security team: This exposes the login credentials via the URL, so it's visible in the access log of the site and potentially other places a user wouldn't want their password to be seen in plain text. Only use this module on test sites where you don't care about your password being compromised.

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