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Drupal 8 dialog system for Drupal 7.

Module use standart Drupal AJAX Framework and jQuery UI Dialog.


1. Enable module
2. Add to page link with class autodialog
3. Profit :)

Custom dialog options

Put custom dialog options in data-dialog-{option-name} attribute. Example:

<a href="/contact" class="autodialog" data-dialog-width="500">Contact</a>
<a href="/contact" class="autodialog" data-dialog-title="Feedback">Feedback</a>

AJAX forms

Module support Asaf. Enable Asaf using attribute data-dialog-ajax="true". Example:

<a href="/contact" class="autodialog" data-dialog-ajax="true">Contact</a>

To disable Asaf form redirect use attribute data-dialog-ajax-disable-redirect="true". Example:

<a href="/contact" class="autodialog" data-dialog-ajax="true" data-dialog-ajax-disable-redirect="true">Contact</a>

Screencast (WebM format).

Similar modules

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