Auto profile allows you to use a module, such as a feature module, to act as a
profile and automated the installation settings.


  1. Add the auto_profile to the 'profiles' directory.
  2. (Optional) Apply the reinstall.patch to core or move the reinstall.php into the root directory along side install.php.


Visit reinstall.php instead of install.php to automatically flush the database
and select auto_profile. Alternatively, install.php can be used like normal to
select auto_profile.

Be sure to define a module called "site" which will be the only module the
profile depends on. All dependencies will need to be specified on the "site"

Installation settings can be specified in the profile to auto-fill the values
during installation to make rebuilding a site very quick and easy. To override
values follow the form array structure and start with the key "profile". The
site_name will default to the name of the site module. The following
demonstrates how to override values.

; To override the value taken from the "site" module name.
profile[site_information][site_name] = Something else

profile[admin_account][account][pass] = password

profile[server_settings][site_default_country] = US
profile[server_settings][date_default_timezone] = America/Chicago

profile[update_notifications][update_status_module][1] = FALSE
profile[update_notifications][update_status_module][2] = FALSE

The default overrides provided by auto_profile,intended for development use, are
as follows.

profile[site_information][site_mail] =

profile[admin_account][account][name] = a
profile[admin_account][account][pass] = b
profile[admin_account][account][mail] =

profile[update_notifications][update_status_module][1] = FALSE
profile[update_notifications][update_status_module][2] = FALSE

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