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Shows a contact form that contacts the author of the current node.


Creates a block that shows a contact form that when submitted, sends a simple contact email to the author of the current node. This might be useful for a multi-user blog or auction site, for example.

Installation and configuration

After enabling the module configure it on the blocks admin page at admin/build/blocks.

Although the block will automatically only show on nodes, you should configure it to only show on the nodes you want - eg only on blog content types or certain URLs.

From the block configuration page you can also set text to appear at the top of the form. This could give a short instruction or reminder to include your phone number, etc.

Note that the block now only appears for authors when they have their 'personal contact form' enabled. So if you update to the latest version and your block disappears, enabling the personal contact form will most likely fix it. The core 'Contact' module also needs to be enabled for this to take place.

It is also suggested you install the Captcha module to help prevent spam going to your node authors - see for some help with this.

This drupal module by Choc Chip multimedia.

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