This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Audit Trail features logging either form submissions or changes made to a
form. The forms to be tracked are specified by providing a regexp pattern that
matches either the form id or the path the form appears on. It is also possible
to add tracking to a form via track management links if the module is configured
to show them.

Forms can be tracked either for changes or submissions. The submission tracking
is straightforward, the contents of $form_state['values'] gets logged. The
change tracking compares each form element's #default_value and #value fields
to find changes to be logged.

The module supports writing log entries to a custom file or watchdog. The logs
will contain context and the actual logs. By default the context will contain
the time of submission, the submitting user's uid, the form's id and the form
element that triggered the submission. In case of form submission tracking the
log will contain the serialized array of the $form_state['values']. In case of
form change tracking the logs will contain the path of the field being changed
and before / after values.

Password and password_confirm field values are being rewritten with 'Hidden'
text to hide sensitive information. If there are other similar sensitive fields
to be blanked out or rewritten that can be done by implementing
* hook_audit_trail_form_change_log_alter
* hook_audit_trail_form_submit_log_alter
and rewriting or unsetting fields as necessary.

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