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This is a very simple module that provides slider blocks to your Drupal site.


This is just a simple module, we can install it as same as other modules.

After install we need download jquery cycle library too. This can be simply done with Drush — run drush atr after enabled this module. If we do not have Drush available, we can download to ./sites/all/libraries/jquery.cycle/jquery.cycle.all.min.js

Place the slider

A slider is a block, we can use block management UI to place the slider to place we want.

For more flexibility, we can use context.module


We can provide options for each slider bean rendered on page.

In, add dependencies[] = at_slider
Create `/path/to/my_module/config/slider_options.yml
Define slider_options.yml like this:

        speed: 600
        manualSpeed: 100

jCycle options reference can be found at

Example configuration for slider with pager:

        pager: '#slider-home-pager'
        wrapper-after: '<div id="slider-home-pager"></div>'

To contribute: Please make Pull Request on Github.


Started by Andy Truong for GO1.

  • AT Base — For config, helper functions, …
  • Bean module — Block as Entity
  • Field Collection — Each slide (bean entity) has image or more information, like text, links, … FieldCollection module allow Drupal admin add fields to entity field.
  • Image — Provide image field for slider item.
  • Features — Used for preconfig things.
  • jQuery Cycle 2

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