Provides integration with ARTE's Open API, defining iterators to loop over remote sources such as videos, providing support for query parameters, pagination, oAuth authentication, etc.

The documentation of this API is available here :


After requesting access keys from ARTE, you can configure OPA access settings at /admin/config/services/opa/config.

Query Builder

To demo Open API queries, the module has an interface for building OPA queries, for example to query all the videos of the CINEMA platform.

About Open API

The Open API is ARTE's unique access point, enabling you to access all the publicly available information about ARTE programs and videos in a unified way. ARTE is developing such an API to encourage partners and developers, to create great apps and Services featuring ARTE's content.

What can you do with Open API?

  • Access ARTE's video catalog, and embed one or more videos on your webpage or app.
  • Search and retrieve detailed editorial information about ARTE programs (title, description, picture, genre, cast and crew...).

This RESTful API was built using the JSON API standards

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsoring the module, developing the API
Architecture and development of the module

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