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You have your menu grouped into main categories or areas and want to display different banners based on the area the viewed page belongs to? For example displaying different banners for your "Company", "Products" and "Partners" pages?
If yes, then this Drupal module is for you!

Area banner module allows for displaying image and Flash banners based on current "area". An area consists of all pages below a certain menu item. Banners can be uploaded and assigned to a menu item. All children of this menu item will inherit the assigned banner. A default banner can be defined which will be displayed when no specific banner is defined for the current page.

The area banner module allows two types of banners: Image and Flash banners. When both a Flash file and an image are uploaded for the same menu item then the Flash banner will be displayed with the image banner as alternative in case the browser doesn't support Flash.

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This module is developed by Servit Open Source Solutions

and maintained by Mohammed Alawneh

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