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Appointment Calendar is a simple form to set and create slots for booking in particular date.
It provides a simple availability calendar to check availability of selected slot,
i.e all available/booked slots can show in availability calendar.

* After installation of Appointment Calendar module Clear all cache first (Important to do this).
* This module will import a View block and create Appointment Calendar content type (Donot Modify View that has imported
by module. It is highly recommened to use as it is).
* Goto settings page and select from and to date with no. of time slots.
* After filling all slots you will be redirected to Slot list page where you can see filled dates with no.of slots.
* In list you can edit particular date and able to change slots timings or capacity of slots.
* Now you can create a node Appointment Calendar with date and time slot given for selected date.
* You can check availabity of timeslot and if yes you can proceed further.
* You can also add fields in Appointment Calendar content type if you wish to.
* Check activated theme template folder for page--appointcal.tpl.php
* If not present copy this template under templates folder and
paste it on your activated theme template folder.

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