This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Generates draft Open Apps manifests for features suitable for use with App server.


To use

  • Install the version of the feature for which you're generating a manifest.
  • At admin/structure/features, click on the link for a feature.
  • Click the "Manifest" tab.
  • If the resulting text contains NEEDS REVIEW anywhere, click the "Check manually" link to ensure you have the latest update information, which is used to generate the manifest.
  • Edit the resulting text and use it for the manifest field in an App server app release node.

Developer tips

The module will attempt to construct a manifest from a feature based on its .info file and, if present, a file containing Drush make information for the feature. Code download links are determined by using update information from or other sources as specified by the modules present.

For best results (optional):

  • In the feature's .info file, add author and author_url information, e.g.:
    author = Chocolate Lily
    author_url =

    These will be read into the manifest.

  • If there are optional modules you'd like to include in your App that are not hard dependencies, in the feature's .info file, add a recommends array, e.g.:
    recommends[] = context_ui
    recommends[] = votingapi

    These will be added to the manifest and downloaded along with the app.

  • Add a file named, where featurename is the machine name of your feature, containing full .make information for the feature. This file won't be used for modules but will be used for libraries. To prevent extraction errors, ensure that all download URLs for libraries include file names with extensions; see #1571428: Cannot use archives that do not extract to folder named after downloadable.

Project information

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