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The apachesolr module provides a great replacement for core search, complete with faceted search.

The Apachesolr Ubercart integration module aims to provide a seemless integration of apachesolr with Ubercart, a drupal commerce package.


Please follow the installation guide for the apachesolr project. Once solr is running, enable the apachesolr_ubercart module to add sku and price fields to the index.


Adds the sku(model), sell price, and list price to the solr index
Enables model, list price, sell price, weight, height, length, width facet blocks.
The price blocks can be divided in divisions like from 0 to 20€ (of kg..), from 20 to 40 and this division is configurable per block.


- A most bought index field is now added and available as block and as sorting option
- Proper ubercart price formatting
- Dynamic division of the prices in the facets
- Ordering of the products is indexed and can be sorted


- Automatic division per result output
- your idea?

Drupal 7

If you are using apachesolr and Ubercart of Drupal Commerce this can be replaced now if you are using fields. Use facetapi and use the widget of your choice to replicate this behavior. A recommended widget is Facet Slider

Limitations and comments

Please note that the 5.x release does not offer all the options as described above. The development for the 5.x has been discontinued.
If you found a bug or wrote some additional functionality please add an issue.

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