This module implements real-time commits of Drupal entities with the Apache Solr Search Integration project, removing the delay between making a change on your site, and that change becoming visible in Solr search results.

Traditionally Solr has performed index updates on a timed interval defined in Solr's configuration file. One option provided by Solr is to perform a "hard commit" instructing Solr to commit the changes now without reservation. A second option is to define a "commit within" interval, a type of soft commit, in the Solr configuration that will perform a memory commit within a timed interval. A "hard commit" will still be performed over a longer interval that writes the changes to disc. In the event of a power outage soft commits will be lost.

This module provides hard commits of node entities for immediate availability and in the event of Solr 4.x performs the newer, softCommit, for immediate availability while also minimizing Solr server resources.

Implementing real-time commits to Solr not only allows for more up to date search results, but also opens the possibilities for other displays, reports and analysis previously not considered.

Project Information