Create custom Apache Solr Search Integration pages with Panels. This module exposes the search form, search results and information about the search as panes for use in Panels. This allows for more flexible search pages and results.

Solar panels reflecting a bright sun.


  • Multiple search pages
  • Search page on custom path
  • Allow empty searches (show all results)
  • Alter keywords, filters and sorts
  • Custom "no results" text
  • Option to remove active filters from breadcrumb
  • Exportable with Features

See the README for instructions or try out this exported example page.


Stable. Will not see any future development, only maintenance fixes.


An alternative approach is to create search pages using Views, which could then be used in Panels. Apache Solr Views lets you do this for Apache Solr Search Integration. If you don't have to use Apache Solr Search Integration, Search API is a great alternative that allows this out of the box.

Drupal 6

* Separate 1.x and 3.x branches for corresponding solr and apachesolr module versions. Please use the relevant version branch.

Drupal 7

The 7.x branch was ported and is maintained by acbramley
The 7.x-1.x branch requires Apachesolr 7.x-1.0 or higher

Work on this module has been sponsored by NodeOne and FreshNetworks. Credit goes to cyberswat for the code this module was based on.

Project Information