This module is an add-on for the Apache Solr Search Integration module.
It will make it possible to index info from a location field (city, zip, province, country and coordinates) into an Apache solr index. Additionally it provides extra facets for city, zip, province and country.

In the future I want to provide a geospatial search block, that will use the indexed coordinates. That way you'll be able to provide a city and radius. The city will be translated to coordinates and solr will return all items within that reach.


  • Indexing of information in a location field in solr (city, zip, province, country)
  • You get facets for the indexed information of the location field (city, zip, province, country)
  • Indexing of the coordinates of the location in solr. This will make it possible to do geospatial search with Apache solr.

Future features

  • I want to add a basic search block (you can enable) to do geospatial search
  • I want to add an advance block (you can enable) to do geospatial search with a visual map
  • For the moment only location fields on nodes get indexed, I would like to make it possible to index a location field on any entity.


To make use of this module you need these modules:

And you need a Solr server. Nick_vh has a good tutorial on installing Solr on your local machine.
Once these requirements are met, you can configure the connection with the Solr server & configure the facets on your search page, add a content type with a location field, create some nodes. Then you can start indexing your content. Go to the search page and you'll be able to search your nodes and filter the location facets.

Project information