This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

My main motivation to write this module was having thousands of comments and nodes published after a week off. What it is worst, a single spammer can affect your server, even force it down because of publishing some millions of comments/nodes in your site.

Said that, this is Not Just Another Spam Module which detects spam, but a bot itself which detects if the user is a possible spammer and take some actions, like:

  • block the user account
  • un-publish all the contents of this user
  • notify the site administrator
  • All blocked users will be displayed in a separate page, where the user can moderate these users.

With that at least you can be safe against flood spam attacks (as the spammer will no longer be able to publish thousands of comments or nodes).

Alternatively the time frame can be modified, add a "secure" role which will be able to publish more than X posts defined as possible offender (more than 10/100/X per day/week/month/total)...

New users can also have a threshold beyond which the system will automatically unpublish their posts and block the user himself. That way, for example, any new user publishing his first post will be blocked, posts unpublished and moved into moderation.

Lots of ideas to implement...

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