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Anonymous publishing increases your control over anonymous publishing on a site.

  • Anonymous publishing (posting without first having to register) may lower the threshold for authorship and entry to a site.
  • It may also be an requirement for certain sites that deal with sensitive issues that anonymous publishing is allowed.

Its intended audience are site developers and administrators that want to lower the threshold for participation, enhance privacy, or both.


In Drupal, the administrator may grant the anonymous user the right to create new content (so you don't need this module to allow anonymous users to create content). However, allowing anonymous publishing may have the side-effect of making the site wide open to spammers. This module may be used to mitigate that. Also, it implements a privacy enhancing technology (PET) that allows authenticated users to publish anonymously.

The major features of Anonymous Publishing are:

  1. Users may publish content without first registering an account at the site, provided they supply a vaild e-mail address and click on an activation link sent them in a verification e-mail (some call this the "Craig's List model"). To use this feature enable the Anonymous publishing CL submodule.
  2. "Lazy" registration, where content previously created anonymously by the user using Anonymous publishing CL can be "claimed" by the user after registering on the site. If you enable this submodule, there will be a tab named "Claim anonymous posts" on the profile page of users with "unclaimed" content they created on the site before they registered. To use this feature enable the Anonymous publishing LR submodule.
  3. Authenticated users may publish content that appear to be published by Anonymous (i.e. they need to be authenticated and logged in to publish, but the content they tag as anonymous will never be publicly associated with their user name or other identity). To use this feature enable the Anonymous publishing PET submodule.

More specifically, it may:

  • let anonymous publishers self-activate;
  • retain self-activated e-mail addresses for future use;
  • send e-mail to administrators when anonymous content is created;
  • provide simple moderation of content published anonymously;
  • let the administrator block abusers based on e-mail & IP address;
  • track spambots and let the administrator block them,
  • provide flood control;
  • purge records that links the identifier to specific content;
  • let the administrator customize the verification e-mail;
  • allow authenticated users to publish as the anonymous user;
  • associate a persistent byline/alias with all content published anonymously;
  • the persistent byline/alias can be default, generated or set by the publisher.


  • Anonymous publishing can only be enabled for nodes and comments. It is not possible to enable anonymous publishing for other content such as webform submissions or poll votes.

Recommended modules

  • Advanced Help:
    When this module is enabled, the project's may be displayed on the screen.
  • Markdown filter:
    When this module is enabled, display of the project's will be rendered with the markdown filter.


The project is actively developed.

There are currently no new features planned for the 7.x-1.x branch.

Porting to Drupal 8 has begun, and a 8.x-1.x-dev release is available. Here is the current status of the D8 port:

  • base module - ported
  • CL - ported
  • LR - pending
  • PET -pending
  • test framework - pending

I am looking for a co-maintainer to oversee the D8 port and to implement the pending components. Please post a comment in the D8 issue tracker if you want to work on the D8 port. Patches and reviews are also welcome.

Similar projects

The following projects may be used for some of the same use cases as this project:

  • Anonymous posting - lets anonymous users fill in a name to be used instead of "Anonymous" when posting nodes without being logged in. AFAIK, it doesn't offer any form of anonymity, but allows pseudonyms by means of an alias.
  • Create and Register. Implements "Lazy registration" by lettings users post content before they register. Unlike the the "lazy registration" implemented by this project, registration is expected to happen briefly after content is created. There is no way to "claim" content created several sessions ago.
  • Inline Registration - adds a user registration form to a content creation page, so users can use a single form for registering and creating content. Does not offer any form of anonymity.

May replace

Anonymous Publishing may be used in place of the following module, which currently does not have a D7 port:

If you find Anonynous Publishing useful as a replacement for an obsolete module, please post a notice about in the issue queue (use category "task" and component "documentation").


The project was initiated by dropcube (Ronny López) in 2008.

The current project owner and maintainer of the Drupal 7 version is Gisle Hannemyr.

The initial port to D8 was done by Dom. (Dominique CLAUSE) at ACINO. I am looking for a co-maintainer to continue work on the D8 port.

The maintainers can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting, installation, development, and customizations.

Supporting organizations: 
sponsored development
sponsored port of the CL submodule to Drupal 8

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