This is my attempt to create some solution like Single Page Website module on the higher level of abstraction (Panels API) .

This way allow more flexible solution without any theme restrictions. I hope that it will be one more easy and pleasure way to start Landing Pages in Drupal environment with powerful Panels engine.


Panels, Jquery Update, Ctools, Libraries API modules should be installed!

JQuery 1.8 or higher.

Jquery apper plugin (


1. Turn on the module and all required modules. Normal Drupal module installation, see for further information.

2. Put 'jquery.appear.js' into '/sites/all/libraries/appear' folder.
You can download this file from

3. Add panel node and setup several panels in it.

4. Set CSS IDs for each pannel on the 'panel content' tab. For example 'foo'.

5. Add links with hash equal these IDs to the menu. For example '#foo'.
You can use Void menu module or put links like '<front>#your-hash'
in the case if your Landing Page is in the front of the site.

6. You can use 'Floating block module' ( to make your menu visible during page is scrolling to anchors.


Please find additional fieldset in Panels node edit form.

Project Information