ST Alphorn - Free Drupal theme


Alphorn is an impressive dark theme, available in 3 options: default, grey and green. Built for flexible uses, three menu options available, flexible layout, different combinations for you to choose. The overall design aim is, not to be complicated, but to be sufficiently enough. It can be your personal homepages, company profiles or anything similar.

Install profile

See the full preview, demo and out-of-the-box install profile download at Alphorn in Symphony.

Drupal 7 version dependancies

The Drupal 7 theme version of ST Alphorn is a sub theme of Omega theme. It supports displaying in mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Please remember to download Omega to use Alphorn for your Drupal 7 site. You should choose Omega 3 (7.x-3.x) as it is not yet compatible with Omega 4.

About author

The theme is developed by SymphonyThemes. Two other FREE themes developed by this provider are Conch and Flabiol.

Project Information