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in agreservations 7.x-1 there will also be a month calendar finaly!

The agreservations-module is a module to handle reservations of resources.

Please read the notes to each version before downloading and using!

Contributors / Sponsors:
  • IT Ready Co., Ltd.
    located in Bangkok. Current Main Sponsor. And Contact for AGreservations in Thailand.
  • amazeelabs
    located in Switzerland. They contributed agres_timeframe
    and agres_restriction sub-modules -thanks!
    located in Nicaragua, they contributed with money, testing, time and KnowHow -thanks SIMEDIA!

Supported Drupal Version is 7.

  • Resource management, including booking calendar.
  • Create unit types in several categories, you define(rooms, cars,...which allows to offer some resources per day, and others per hour.
  • offer online reservations/online bookings for resources of each created category: The user signed in, or not, can book resources, and pay online. This is possible because agreservation utilizes the great Ubercart online Shopping module.
  • in manual created reservations(by receptionist) enter a user, and create an ubercart order for him.(walkin guest solution)

hint: during installation you should add the line:
ini_set('max_execution_time', 400);
to your settings.php also in your my.ini or my.cnf you
should have the setting of max_allowed_packet = 16M

Which Version:
if you experience Problems with a version, try the latest
7.x-2.x-dev version, chances are that the particular bug is already fixed in that version, if not, please look, if there is an issue for your problem in the issue queue, and if not, post a new issue. Thanks.
For more info:
check out for news
on agreservations Documentation videos and more!

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