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Ever wanted to let the user choose the theme of a node in a nodereference directly on the node edit page? This module allows you to do that.

  • Node CCK Formatter list: Select which formatters will be selectable by the user.
  • Preview the output of a node: Test the different themes with the preview button.
  • Individual and global formatter support: Individual CCK formatter are the most common, but CCK allows to have multiple items to one formatter (think of a map where items are locations).
  • CCK Formatter suitability support: Using an additional property to the CCK formatter declaration, the module can detect and list only formatters that are "suitable" for the node in the nodereference. E.g. a video formatter won't look good with a audio content type.

How to create a formatter besides the four default ones? You can use the Custom formatters module or, for more advanced formatters in PHP code, see here.

Dependencies: Utilities and CCK.

This module is part of the newspaper module set maintained by Studio Multimedia France24/RFI.

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