Basic example of use: A big image collection you want to share between drupals.

Basically, this module allows you to map the nid and fid address space to another Drupal instance. A simple example: Given you have two drupals, if you type in your browser front.drupal.com/node/1000000001, it will in fact display the node 1 of back.drupal.com using front.drupal.com theme. back.drupal.com is nowhere visible to the end user.
The trick is an override of node_load|save|delete, either with live patching with runkit, or static patching with the given patch.

WARNING: This module has a lot of technical implications, on the server load side and on the design side. This should be only used by experts. You will find much more infos on the README.

  • Access/edit/delete nodes from others Drupal seamlessly: Display nodes from another Drupal in the main Drupal using the main Drupal theme. Totally invisible to the end user.
  • Views executed remotelly or locally: You can choose on a per-display basis.
  • Node creation locally or remotelly: Another configuration option!
  • Remote content is cached: If your remote Drupal goes down, you can still survive.
  • NID/FID Mapping: The Nids but the Fids are both mapped to remote instances. You can thus save nodes with images too.
  • Compatible with most of contrib modules: Since this feature is made within node_load/save/delete, it will be invisible to contrib modules, as long as they do not do SQL queries on the node table directly.

Dependencies: External Sources, Utilities.

This module is part of the newspaper module set maintained by Studio Multimedia France24/RFI.

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