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This module is looking for a new maintainer

It is a nice project for a designer and themer that loves to do functional design. With little work, you can make Drupals Forum look aweseome.

Michelle has layed a wonderful groundwork with the Advenced Forum Module for that.
To apply just leave a comment on this issue

More Styles for Advanced Forum, compatible with the current 6.1.x release. Created by Rufzeichen Webdesign.
Advanced Forum is a great module. Over Time, Michelle has built a nice theme layer, and it is completely pluggable. So Styles (or say forum themes) can be kept completely seperate from Advanced forum, yet via a hook they show up in the style selector. Just install Advanced Forum, then install Advanced Forum More Styles, switch on the style, done!
For now only one is contained, named "Minimal". I have not found a better name but will. Tested with Garland and some other themes. Still issues will arise in some Themes providing styling that may not be properly overridden. Put the issues into the issue queue, I'll try to put in overrides so that the themes look pretty much the same in every base Theme.
There is only one color used: a blue bar for Containers and Thread lists. To match the style to your theme you should not have to do more than override this color.

6.1.x Version of Advanced Forum

Use the 6.1 branch for this version which is currently the stable release of Advanced Forum.

6.2.x Version

Finally a Version compatible with Advanced Forum 2.x is available. Though this version of Advanced Forum is still in Alpha, it is very usable and much improved. This version depends on views and gives a lot of filtering options for Topics listings.

7.x Version

The Version for Drupal 7 was done by Rob Loach. Thanks for that, Rob! The style looks different and is named "Blue and grey" while it is called "Minimal" in the 5.x and 6.x version.

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