Features & benefits (7.x)

  • On demand generation of CSS/JS Aggregates. If the file doesn't exist it will be generated on demand.
  • Stampede protection for CSS and JS aggregation. Uses locking so multiple requests for the same thing will result in only one thread doing the work.
  • Fully cached CSS/JS assets allow for zero file I/O if the Aggregated file already exists. Results in better page generation performance.
  • Can add JS to any region of the theme & have it work and be aggregated.
  • Combine CSS files by using media queries.
  • Prevent more than 4095 CSS selectors in an aggregated CSS file (IE 6-9 limitation).
  • Url query string to turn off aggregation for that request. ?advagg=0 will turn off file aggregation if the user has the "bypass advanced aggregation" permission. ?advagg=-1 will completely bypass all of Advanced CSS/JS Aggregations modules and submodules.
  • Button on the admin page for dropping a cookie that will turn off file aggregation. Useful for theme development.
  • Gzip support. All aggregated files can be pre-compressed into a .gz file and served from Apache. This is faster then gzipping the file on each request.
  • Bundler Submodule. Given a target number of CSS/JS aggregates, this will try very hard to meet that goal. It smartly groups files together.
  • Modifier Submodule. Has various tweaks packaged up. Force preprocessing for all CSS/JS; move JS to footer; add defer tag to all JS; Inline all CSS/JS for given paths; remove unused JavaScript tags if possible, which will scan all included JS files for references to jquery and drupal, if none are found then the default JavaScript is removed from the page; built-in support for the JavaScript async shim; and the use of a shared directory for a unified multisite.
  • CSS/JS Compress Submodules. Can minifiy files & inline CSS/JS.
  • CSS/JS Validator Submodule. Validate all CSS files using jigsaw.w3.org. Check all CSS files with CSSLint. Check all JS files with JSHint

Notes (7.x)
HTTP Parallel Request & Threading Library is not required but is recommended so Aggregates will be built in the background.
OpenLayers - #2320267: Blindly setting Drupal.settings.openlayers to an empty object in openlayers.js is a bad idea is only needed if the "Move JS to the footer" setting is at "All but JavaScript Libraries".

3rd Party Modules
AdvAgg Search & Replace
CSS Delivery Optimizer

Similar Modules (7.x)
List of modules in D7 that might provide similar functionality.
http://drupal.org/sandbox/JaceRider/1728316 (Aggregated SASS via Compass)
https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/alanmackenzie/2135127 (Role CSS & JS Aggregation)


This is the holy grail of CSS & JS aggregation and optimization. If you want your website to load faster, install this module. If you think flushing your CSS/JS directory on certain submit forms is a dumb idea, you should install this module. If you like the idea of using Google's CDN for jquery.js, install this module. It also aggregates JS in the footer. JS minification/CSS compression ... you guessed it install this module. Gzip CSS/JS files, yep it does that too! Using a private file system? Use this module and bring back aggregation for improved performance! Wish you could use the same aggregate on different pages, guess what? Install the bundler submodule and watch in awe of how fast your site loads.

See the readme.txt file for more details.

Notes (6.x)
This is fully compatible with the following modules:
jQuery Update
jQuery UI
Parallel CSS - AdvAgg Plugin
Cookieless Subdomain
If the user has the permission of "bypass advanced aggregation" then adding ?advagg=0 to the end of the URL will turn off aggregation for that request (very useful for debugging CSS/JS issues on a live site). CSS files are located in the files/advagg_css dir. JS files are located in the files/advagg_js dir.

Thanks (6.x)
These are the modules I borrowed from in order to make this happen.
Javascript Aggregator
IE Unlimited CSS Loader
Reason why this is an all in one module is because of the 404 handling; yes that is correct, getting a 404 for a CSS or JS file is now almost impossible. This is good news for Varnish, Purge and Boost users.

Known Issues (6.x)
#1172010-6: Quicktabs, AdvAgg - Loaded via AJAX do not pull advagg bundles
#1149792-9: CTools - Allow ctools_ajax_page_preprocess to not be ran & added documentation to includes/ajax.inc
#1358506: AdvAgg, Popups API: No CSS/JS aggregation on Popups

Supporting organizations: 
Paid for mikeytown2 to develop & maintain this module

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