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Integrate the Adtoma media supply chain service into your Drupal site. Currently only Adtoma's Fusion advertising engine is supported.



Both versions are reasonably stable, however they will remain in alpha until I'm happy that the architecture performs well.

  • The Drupal 7 version is where all development will take place.
  • The Drupal 6 version is a backport of the 7.x-1.x branch. From now, minimal changes will be backported, so do not expect a high level of support for the D6 branch.


The Adtoma Fusion module has 3 main components to understand.


These are general, site-wide settings.


These are bundles of information to send to the ad server.
Configurations are where you set up all of your variables, such as Media.Zone.Zone, parameters, categories etc.. Tokens can be used in any of the fields. Note that tokens are not modified, and any punctuation, spaces, capitalisation etc.. will be passed to the ad server.
A site can have as many configurations as required. There are 2 important fields on each configuration which control when they are used:

  • Selection criteria: Using the ctools access plugin system, you can define various rules which decide whether the a configuration should be used on a page. The most commonly used rule is "URL path". If no selection criteria options are used for a configuration, it will always pass.
  • Weight: When deciding which configuration to use, the module loops through all configurations, beginning at the lightest-weighted one until one of the configurations passes it's selection criteria.

If you have used 'variants' in panels, the concept is very similar.


These are the individual ad units.
Spaces can be exposed as blocks. Alternately you can render them yourself using adtoma_fusion_space_render().


Both spaces and configurations are exportable using Features.

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