Apologies if this has been covered a bazillion times already but I'm curious about what the status is of this module for Drupal 8. I can't seem to find a solid answer anywhere because I've read things about it being deprecated in favor of the admin toolbar but I've also read things about people trying to develop a solid Drupal 8 version, too...

If there is a release for D8, can someone provide me with a link to it?

My take on it is that this thing is invaluable. I can't praise it enough. I use it religiously on a D7 site I have and there isn't a contender to it anywhere within a quarter mile that comes close to its usability and overall looks. With the number of sites currently using it, it's difficult to think that it would just be forgotten about but I understand the push to avoid duplicate efforts, too, if a core option exists.

Any insight on this would be appreciated.


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I second this. I remember when D8 had its first major release and I assumed I could install this module, but it was just completely 100% broken. I would've assumed that in all those years since, it would've had its core issues fixed... but nope. It's quite shocking really.