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This is a very simple module that adds the content local tabs (Edit, Delete, Revisions, etc.) as links to teasers/lists of nodes. It also makes the 'Delete' link show up as a tab in the individual node view just like the 'Edit' and 'View' tabs (Drupal 6+ only).

This module also provides support for the Universal Edit Button, a green pencil icon in the address bar that indicates a web page is editable. It is similar to the orange "broadcast" RSS icon that indicates there is an RSS feed available. For more information and to download the Universal Edit Button browser extension, visit

Similar/Related Modules

  • Admin - The admin module provides UI improvements to the standard Drupal 6 admin interface. This includes overlayed Edit/Delete links on nodes.
  • Fasttoggle - Provides links to quickly change the published, sticky, or promoted status of nodes.

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