This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Adjusti-Search module provides a simple and clean block for Drupal that allows integration of all searches (those provided by Drupal, other modules, and external to Drupal itself) that take their querystring from the URL into one search block. This is a useful module if you are running multiple searches on your site or wish to integrate external searches into the search mechanisms of your site.

This module does not provide any new search functions itself. Rather, it creates a simple interface that all searches can be reached through.

6.x-1.6 and 5.x-1.6 features include:

  • Simple template/theme support now available.
  • Title of search block is optional.
  • Set default text for the search box to whatever you want.
  • Displaying search options as a drop-down list or a set of radio buttons.
  • Option to open searches to external websites in a new window.
  • Reordering search options based on numerical weights.

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