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Release info

Created by: Jeff Burnz
Created on: 24 Oct 2013 at 08:01 UTC
Last updated: 1 Mar 2017 at 09:58 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x
Release type: New features

Release notes

Development release for Adpativetheme Drupal 8.

The D8 version of Adaptivetheme is a total re-write of the core theme and sub-themes. The admin theme has been removed also.

You MUST enable AT Core

This theme uses OO PHP and autoloads classes - this does not work in Drupal 8 when the base theme is not enabled - if you try to enable a sub-theme without first enabling AT Core you will get fatal errors on both the sub-themes Appearance settings page and in the front end.

Everything is treated as a Block

NOTE: this current version anticipates the commit to Drupal 8 of the "convert everything to a block" patches. This means that if you enable this theme you will not see things link the Logo, Site name or slogan, Page titles, Tabs, Actions links etc etc. The one page level variable I have included as a legacy support feature is the Messages variable, because we really need that during development. When the D8 patches are finally committed this will be removed.

I have created a small sandbox module that implements these blocks - you can use this if you prefer not to apply core patches, note I will try to keep the module up to date:

Please see these issues and help out if you can:

#1053648: Convert site elements (site name, slogan, site logo) into blocks
#1869476: Convert global menus (primary links, secondary links) into blocks
#507488: Convert page elements (local tasks, actions) into blocks

Drupal 8 will ship block configuration files in the themes config directory - this will tell Drupal to enable certain blocks when the theme is enabled. Currently there are patches against Drupal 8 for Bartik to achieve this, and Adpativetheme will of course do the same.

Its still early days for Drupal 8, we are still many months away from release so we have a lot of time to discuss and expand, develop and hone the ideas presented in this theme - they are radical and far reaching, I make no apologies for that. Time to move forward with new ideas about how we can improve theme building, how we can make theme building faster and easier.

AT Core:

The core theme provides just one front facing capability - a sub-theme generator that you can use to create new sub-themes. Enable the AT Core theme and visit it's setting page to generate a new sub-theme. There are two sub-theme types - a minimal sub-theme and a standard sub-theme. Documentation in included within the AT Core Appearance settings under the Help tab.

AT Sub-themes:

The biggest change for sub-themes a complete new layout system and does not include a GUI for manipulating layout values, instead you can select precomposed layouts or build your own. A "layout" is akin to a layout plugin however they have no templates. Page template code and region declarations are generated from definitions in the layouts yml file.

There is extensive help included within the theme itself. All sub-themes have a Help tab with many pages of help on the various new systems within the theme.

The primary reason for these changes is to allow themers much more control over their layout, and for me to be able to provide many more layouts well beyond what the AT7 version was every able to support (mainly due to the complexity of the old AT D7 page layout plugins). The new layout plugins are extremely simple, and while they require you to provide the CSS layout there are many more options for do so.


In the first commit all extensions have been removed. This is pending a full review of all extensions, how they are being used by real users, and what might be applicable to D8. For example some extensions may be removed because D8 now supports the option natively, or that a module has risen to prominence that can now be relied on to provide the same capability without overloading the theme with features and code.

It is highly likely that a large number of extensions will be shipped with the theme, however it is not yet decided how this will work or which ones these will be, most likely to be included are the Fonts extensions, Title styles and something similar to the Image Alignment and Captions extensions. Some of the Markup Overrides will make it but some will be removed simply because the theme works differently now and some we don't need anymore due to D8 changes.


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