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Drupal API functions for PayPal X Adaptive Payments API

The Adaptive Payments API enables you to send money in many different scenarios, from simple to complex.

This module does nothing on its own. It is intended to be used by other modules to make use of the Adaptive Payments system. There is a test module included if you wish to test this system.

What is Adaptive Payments API?

In a nutshell:

  • Simple person to person or B2B transactions. Examples: Direct donation buttons. Send money to an online friend.
  • Implicit payments from business owners or site owners who can make a payment with out having to log in first. Example, site owners pay you a commision for work published.
  • Parallel payments from sender to many receivers. Example: you pay for a children party. The payment is split between the caterer, clown, baloon supplier, venue, etc.
  • Chained payments from sender, to one receiver, from which in turn payments will be made to other receivers. The sender does not see the other receivers, only the primary receiver. Example: On a market place site, sender makes a payment for a product, Site owner (primary receiver) gets 10% and the balance is send to the stall owner. Or, as with the children party example above, the primary receiver can be the event organiser.
  • Preapproved payments. The sender sets up certain permissions such as amount of payments and pay period. There after the receiver (normally the site owner) can deduct payments at a regular inteval with out the need for the sender to log in. Example would be a subcription site.


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This is the first version for Adaptive Payments, and is not ready to be used on any production site. All functions has been tested in the Paypal sandbox. It has been released to the community for testing and bug fixing. Please help and test this module.

Getting started

Create a business account on

Add some extra user accounts. You need the API Credentials from here.

There is an additional App ID to your standard PayPal credentials that is required for Adaptive Payments. For testing, you can obtain this ID by registering on the PayPal X site: and click on My Apps.

Enable the Adaptive Payments module and the test example module.

Goto: admin/settings/adaptive_payments and fill in the details.

On the actions page, select Debug mode to view results from your query. Debug requires the Devel module.

Do not select the Redirect to PayPal to complete payment at first. You will not be able to see all the debug informations. Use the manual redirect button instead.

To do:

Upgrade to Adaptive Payment API version 1.4 to include getpaymentOptions and setpaymentOptions.
Upgrade to Adaptive Payment API version 1.5 to include delayed secondary payments for chained payment. (Useful for payments only after shipment was received.)
Upgrade to Adaptive Payment API version 1.8 to include all latest updates


 The developer can be contacted for further customising of this module and any other Drupal work.

If you would find this module useful, and would like to support further development, please consider making a donation

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