Graph showing Varnish'es missrate on a typical high performance site.
Screenshot of invalidated content.

Top-notch cache invalidation on Acquia Cloud!

The acquia_purge module invalidates your Varnish caches on your Acquia Cloud site. When this is combined by setting Drupal's time to live (TTL) extremely high, your stack requires less servers, becomes much more resilient against DDOS attacks and performance dramatically improves!

When do I need this?

Although we recommend every Acquia Cloud customer to use this module, you will absolutely need to start using it when any of these things sound familiar:

  • You're often getting the infamous Temporary Unavailable error.
  • Pages are often slow and take more than 2-3 seconds to load.
  • Traffic peaks quickly take down your site.
  • You have many web servers and would like to reduce costs.
  • Heavy processing (e.g. slow queries, cron imports) take your site down.

What time does it take?

Drupal 8 site owners have a true turn-key experience as the module integrates heavily with the purge cache invalidation framework and should be finished within minutes, get started with the installation instructions.

Drupal 7

Owners of Drupal 7 sites are advised to schedule at least one week of testing and tuning to ensure that every section of their site is covered, as the expire module won't cover everything and requires them to set up rules. See its README, installation instructions and especially its domains documentation.

IMPORTANT D8 information!

The Drupal 8 version is under full development and is not yet available for customers of Acquia Cloud yet. Platform support is on its way as well and expected later this year.

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored corporate time for nielsvm to design, test and build the Acquia Purge and Purge modules for 5 years and counting!

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