Allows to connect Drupal websites to Acquia.

Modules in this project

Acquia Agent

Enables secure communication between your Drupal sites and Acquia to monitor uptime, check for updates, and collect site information.

Acquia SPI

Automates the collection of site information - operating system, database, webserver, and PHP versions, installed modules, and site modifications - to speed support communication and issue resolution. Required for use with the Acquia Insight service.

Acquia Search

Included for 7.x-1.x and 7.x-2.x only (6.x version can be found at Provides authentication service to the Apache Solr Search Integration module to enable use of Acquia's hosted Solr search indexes. If you are using Search API and you want to leverage Acquia Search you should use Acquia Search for Search API.

Acquia Search for Drupal 8

Requires specific versions of the Search modules. Visit Acquia Search documentation for more information.

Acquia Connector 7.x-3.x

Acquia Connector version 7.x-3.x is the current recommended version for Drupal 7 websites.
It is required to use Acquia Insight with the new Acquia Cloud interface. If your website is not hosted on Acquia Cloud, to ensure that its information continues to be reported to Acquia Insight, after upgrading the module you must specify the website’s name in the module's interface. For details, see the Status page on your Drupal website.

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