This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Adds and maintains expiry dates for user accounts.

Depends on 'Account Types' module.

Specific Account Types can be defined as having an expiry date.

Default expiry period is configurable (eg 30 days). New accounts will be given an expiry date based on the default expiry period. Expiry dates for individual users can be altered via the user edit page, or via 'User Account Expiry' page provided by the module.

Accounts that reach the expiry date are made inactive (blocked) via cron.

Update: 28 July 09

Due to other commitments I'm incredibly behind with action on this module. I will get around to things. :).

However, I'm very very open to an experienced module developer who has had CVS access for awhile already taking over as maintainer or working with me as co-maintainer. Use my contact form if you think you have what it takes. The issue queue needs addressing, support requests are coming in, and obviously a Drupal 6 version is long overdue.

Actually, probably the first task is to do an evaluation of whether this module is even needed for D6, or D7. Anyone want to document that here? Here's an excellent beginning:


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