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Display various types of content, such as blocks, with an accordion-like behaviour. Items in accordion groups will initially appear 'collapsed' with only their titles showing. Clicking an item's title will 'expand' that item to show its whole content, and collapse any other accordion items in the same group. Group items into distinct accordions by simply naming them so that pages can have multiple accordions, each containing multiple types of content.

Usage instructions

First, configure the allowed types of accordion (at /admin/config/user-interface/accordions), then edit/configure those types of content (for example, configure a block) and set the accordion group name to be used for that item.

Future development

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This project is currently maintained by developers at ComputerMinds - visit us at We at ComputerMinds pride ourselves on offering quality Drupal training, Drupal development and Drupal consulting. Go Drupal!

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