This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Access by entity module is a very simple way to manage permissions (view/edit/delete) by entity (content).

You can restrict access view/edit/delete permission for each content.

Notice :

  • The global administrator (user with id "1") will bypass all access checks.
  • "Authenticated user" role is ignored if the user has another role.

Example Use Cases

  • Publish and edit articles in groups with defined roles.
  • Premium content areas for specific user roles.


No requirements.


* Enable Access by entity module.
* Go to the setting page : admin/config/content/access-by-entity and check entities you want to enable access by entity functionnality (You need to clear cache after saving the settings)
global setting
* You will get a local task to access to "restrict access permissions" page or you can visit this page directly :

Access by entity page29.35 KB
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