Settings for the term ref field

ABT (Access By Term)

Provides very flexible, hierarchical node access control (content access control), for D7.

  1. Supports following flags:
    • View
    • Update
    • Delete
  2. Grants are based on the relationship between the user->term<-node.
  3. Taxonomy terms act as common denominators and allow many-to-many relationships between users and nodes.
  4. Organize your taxonomy terms hierarchically, this approach will allow for access grant inheritance.
  5. Nodes found in Views are also filtered out when user lacks permissions.
  6. Very simple, easy to understand logic and very little code. Uses lots of native functionality.
  7. Use any number of fields/vocabularies to control access for any number of content types.
  8. Has it's own automated tests.
  9. Detailed help section.

Any bugs, feature requests, please create an issue.

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