Displays system messages in fully themeable colored horizontal bars on top of the page, similar to Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange network notifications.


  • when messages are displayed content is pushed down respectively, so that nothing is covered and everything could be still interacted with,
  • alternatively, messages could be fixed to the top of the browser's viewport, so they will always remain visible regardless of scrolling,
  • each message has its own "Dismiss" (close) icon,
  • optional "Dismiss all" icon is displayed if total number of messages exceeds value defined in module settings,
  • messages could be dismissed automatically after a specific time - configurable in module settings for each message type separately,
  • hovering mouse cursor over messages resets dismiss timer,
  • provides option to re-show all already dismissed messages,
  • provides option to display only first n lines of each message, with remaining part shown after clicking on the message,
  • provides separate permissions to administer and to access Absolute messages,
  • full control over output with template files,
  • uses standard jQuery library without other modules or plugins dependencies,
  • falls back to standard Drupal's way of displaying messages when JS is not available (or when user does not have access absolute messages permission granted),
  • provides option to skip "has_js" cookie checking, which disables fallback to standard Drupal messages if no JS has been detected (for example in case of Pressflow, which dropped "has_js" cookie completely),
  • displays devel messages as standard Drupal messages.


  • hook_messages_alter($messages) - allows other modules to update messages before they are displayed,
  • hook_message_types_alter($message_types) - allows other modules to add new messages types in addition to default ones used by Drupal (status, warning and error) - useful for setting message automatic dismiss time in module configuration.


  • download/checkout and enable the module,
  • grant permissions to relevant roles to access and/or administer absolute messages.


Similar modules

Displaying Status Messages from drupal_set_message() provides a list of similar modules together with very rough comparison of their features.

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