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While working on the new content translation system for Drupal 7, we (the Drupal core i18n team) faced the need to convert node titles to the Field API in order to make nodes fully translatable.

We were not able to make this happen in Drupal 7 core (#557292: TF #3: Convert node title to fields and #571654: Revert node titles as fields), so we decided to find a solution for this in contrib: the idea is replacing node titles with fields à la Automatic Nodetitles.

This will be exploited by the related Entity Translation project.


Title requires core version at least 7.15.


After enabling the module as usual, visit the Manage fields page of the content type, taxonomy vocabulary or "comment type" which you wish to replace fields of and click the replace link. That's all.

Bug fixing policy

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  • Ideally every bug report should meet the guidelines to create a good report. This is the preferred way as it allows anyone to step in and provide a patch.
  • As an alternative, if you are not able to reproduce the bug on a clean installation, you can provide an anonymized snapshot of your site files and db.

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Note also that we offer no warranty that your bug report will be addressed in an useful timeframe, although we will try our best.

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Drupal 8

Entity labels now fully support translation and are fields in Drupal 8 core. All the other bells and whistles provided by Title are not part of core and are intended to be ported over in the 2.x branch (which has a new maintainer).


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