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The Sellector-Plugin allows you to easiely integrate the sellector webservice (customer friendly choice assistant – see below) into your drupal website. No more copying of code snippets, no hassle with iframes etc. Simply enter the sellector ID, set the sizes of the input area as well as the result area and go live.

What is a Sellector?

A sellector is a web service that allows you to offer website users and shop customers an easy and playful way to find an item with desired features (e.g. a product in a webshop). To select the features the user can activate checkboxes or adjusts sliders by moving the slider handles.
Moreover due to it's flexibility and lightness (and fast loading) the technology can be utilized for much more than simple choice of products in a shop.

Click here to see an example - a flower-sellector covering some 500 products

For affiliate publisher: translates plain affiliate data straight into a highly usable product selection widget featuring check boxes and sliders. Your customers will simply love it.

Sellectors can ease any kind of customer choice.

Setting up a sellector is an easy task. Since it is offered as a web service, no installation or technical knowledge is required. It is simply configured over the sellector web interface. Just paste or upload the reorganized affiliate product data and adapt the colors to your needs and. Then simply copy 6 lines of HTML code into your site and you are live.

Sellector gives you:

  • better conversion - customers find what they want right away
  • better conversion - lower return rates since customers find the right product
  • more returning users - customers will remember the ease of choice at your site

Use cutting edge usability with

And with a slightly different approach you can even multiply your revenues:

Just create a sellector covering topical products (e.g. seasons-presents) and offer it to bloggers or other content providers using a revenue share model based on affiliate sub-IDs. This gives you the opportunity to mulitply your revenues with only little additional effort.

This project was developed and is still maintained by Kommune3

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