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This suite of modules supports integration with Salesforce by synchronizing Drupal entities (E.g., users, nodes, files) with Salesforce objects (E.g., contacts, organizations, opportunities). It supports pushing Drupal data to Salesforce as well as pulling, or importing, Salesforce data into Drupal. Changes can be made in real time or asynchronously in batches during cron run.


  • A community documentation page is available on Please add your notes on solving issues and configuring the module there.
  • Please search the issue queue before filing an issue, and update to 7.x-3.x-dev to make sure your problem has not already been fixed. Issues filed using the issue summary template will receive priority over other issues.


  • 7.x-3.x is a complete module rewrite by ThinkShout leveraging the Salesforce REST API, an object oriented architecture, and taking full advantage of Drupal 7 APIs. There is currently no upgrade path from previous versions. Learn more. SSL is required.
  • 8.x-3.x Message Agency has begun working on a Drupal 8 port. Looking ahead to Drupal 8
  • 7.x-2.x and 6.x-2.x are no longer supported. New features and development will go into 7.x-3.x and 8.x-3.x.

Modules (7.x-3.x)

  • Salesforce (salesforce): OAUTH2 authorization and wrapper around the Salesforce REST API.
  • Salesforce Mapping (salesforce_mapping): Map Drupal entities to Salesforce fields, including field level mapping.
  • Salesforce Push (salesforce_push): Push Drupal entity updates into Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Pull (salesforce_pull): Pull Salesforce object updates into Drupal on cron run. (Salesforce Outbound Notifications are not supported.)
  • Salesforce Soap (salesforce_soap): Lightweight wrapper around the SOAP API, using the OAUTH access token, to fill in functional gaps missing in the REST API. Requires the Salesforce PHP Toolkit.

Looking Ahead (8.x-3.x)

Salesforce 8.x branch is under active development. The preliminary 8.x roadmap is under discussion at #2124001: [meta] Drupal 8 Roadmap. While some key Drupal core infrastructure is still in flux, Message Agency has implemented basic Salesforce functionality and components. The initial implementation will be a straight port from 7.x-3.x. Subsequent priority is reconciliation of crucial components from 7.x-2.x branches and forks, including robust asynchronous push queueing and import polling.


While ThinkShout has taken the lead on the new 7.x–3.x branch, it has leveraged the considerable efforts supported by DesignHammer, Message Agency, and PINGV Creative, who all continue to support the project's development.

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